illustrations for Bloomberg Businessweek Aug. 22nd print issue / Pursuits article Survival Among the Fittest by Brandon Presser
ad: Josef Reyes

poster for Khruangbin

party crashers for Djuce Wines
wine cans available for purchase at
photo credits: Djuce 

illustration for Le Temps article Le monde d’après, mais d’après quoi?  by Célia Héron 
ad: Anne Wyrsch

perros de noche 

an alarming break

goings on about home 


girl 2.0

tails of new york

american illustration 40 winner

illustrations for the NYCHVS* booklet 
*New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey
art direction & design: WSDIA
client: NYC HPD

country side / city side 


gif for bloomberg’s article It’s not you. It’s inflation: How soaring prices are changing the dating game by Paulina Cachero
ad: Steph Davidson


illustration for The Verge’s 2022 Graduation Gift Guide 

cry babies 

coffee shop

un perro distinto


ya no se canta como se cantaba ayer

posers with balls    

circus practicus

illustration for Urban Omnibus series The Location of Justice  


drawings for bráulio amado’s book 
graphic interviews for graphic artists #5


rear window

illustration based on jonston riley’s short story
a beautiful stone for a pretty rock for the Deep Water Festival in Narrowsburg
originally commissioned in black & white by Jorge Colombo
(simply framed article ︎︎︎)


o eterno das coisas