illustration for les temps
«Ils touchaient mon corps, mais jamais mon intimité»
ad: anne wyrsch

drawings for bráulio amado’s book
graphic interviews for graphic artists #5
(originally commissioned in black and white)
availabe at shhh ︎︎︎

illustrations for women of the night‘s album sub rosa
listen here ︎︎︎

illustrations for the novel adius by vasco gato
publisher: abysmo
editor: joão paulo cotrim
get it here ︎︎︎

illustrations for the NYCHVS* booklet
*New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey
art direction & design: WSDIA
client: NYC HPD

illustration for torpor magazine, issue 2
editor: joão paulo cotrim
publisher: abysmo

illustration based on jonston riley’s short story
a beautiful stone for a pretty rock for the Deep Water Festival in Narrowsburg
originally commissioned in black & white by Jorge Colombo
simply framed article ︎︎︎