Frankfurter Allgemeine
Paris will es allen zeigen
AD: Maria Leutner

Le Temps
La Rentrée Littéraire Cover
AD: Anne Wyrsch

NYT Opinion
Truth is Drifting Away From True Crime
AD: Damien Saatdjian

Bloomberg Markets Magazine
A Grad-School Number-Cruncher Shakes Up the World of Bond Quants
AD: Josef Reyes

North Charleston Concert Poster

Bloomberg Markets Magazine
The Rich Are Flocking to Singapore. Bankers Stick With Hong Kong
AD: Josef Reyes

Bloomberg CityLab
The Economy of Urban Replication: Why Cities Need to Be Sharing Ideas
AD: Steph Davidson

Bloomberg Markets Magazine
These Online Detectives Have Raised $300 Million to Keep Lies From Triggering the Next Bank Run
AD: Josef Reyes

NYT Opinion
A Plea for Making Virus Research Safer
AD: Frank Augugliaro

Virtuoso, The Magazine
The People You Meet at Eight Las Vegas Hotel Pools
AD: AD: Melanie Fowler, Emma Franke and Mariela Garcia

The Wall Street Journal
Will Powerful New Tools Finally Let US Hear Alien Civilizations?
AD: Caitlin Choi

FAZ Quarterly
Verschwindet das Wechseljahr-Tabu?
AD: Maria Leutner

Le Temps
Le monde d’après, mais d’après quoi?
AD: Anne Wyrsch

NBC News
How the Race for a Covid Vaccine Enriched Monkey Poachers and Endangered Macaques
AD: Chelsea Stahl

BlackRock is Caught in the ESG Crossfire and Struggling to Get Out
AD: Steph Davidson

Novel Adius by Vasco Gato
Abysmo Editora
Book Cover and Interior Illustrations
AD: João Paulo Cotrim

Robb Report
2022 Luxury Property Guide Cover
AD: Nick Mrozowski

How an Airport Nail Salon Became the Frontline of US Covid Surveillance
AD: Steph Davidson

The Atlantic
It’s 5 a.m. Somewhere
AD: Caroline Smith

Crypto Vertical Illustrations
AD: Steph Davidson

Bloomberg Markets Magazine
The Credit Issue Cover
AD: Josef Reyes

Torpor Magazine
Abysmo Editora
Issue No.2  (Unpublished)
AD: João Paulo Cotrim

Bloomberg Markets Magazine
The Not-So-Invisible Hand That Guides Singapore’s Growth
AD: Josef Reyes

Das Magazin
Ärmer werden, glücklicher leben – eine Anleitung
AD: Carmen Blumer

Bloomberg Businessweek
Survival Among the Fittest
AD: Josef Reyes

Nike NYC
Marathon Themed Wallpaper at Nike NYC HQ
Design Direction: WSDIA and Michael Spoljaric
Project Management: Jeni Reetz
Photography: Floto+Warner

The William Vale Hotel
Holyday Card 2022

The Washington Post
How to make the most of your limited kitchen counter space
AD: Marissa Vonesh

Cake Zine
Issue 4: Tough Cookie
Illustration for Working The Oreo Production Line by Soobin Kim
(pen on paper, digital color)

Bloomberg The Big Take
Small US Colleges Face Higher Levels of Stress
AD: Steph Davidson

Harvard Business Review
Commerce After Covid
AD: Carey Bass

KIBLIND Magazine
Numéro Discothèque – Read Here
A drawing inspired by the Lisbon club Lux/Frágil.
Editor: Jérémie Martinez 

NYT Opinion
The Long Shadow of American Dirt
AD: Damien Saatdjian

I used this $150 device to track my covid risk. I got covid anyway
AD: Steph Davidson

Virtuoso, The Magazine
AD: Melanie Fowler, Emma Franke and Mariela Garcia

The Story
How to Bring Down a Government in Numbers
AD: Chris Harrigan

Pitt Med Magazine
What Does the Patient Really Need
AD: Elena Cerri

Astra Magazine
Community Work
AD: Nadja Spiegelman

The Verge
2022 Graduation Gift Guide
AD: Grayson Blackmon

Shop Runner
Branding Illustration

Djuce Wines
Can branding with Party Crashers Illustration
Available at
Photo Credits: Djuce

Adidas x HappyLucky
Store Activation, Soho Flagship NYC
Direction: Happylucky
Photography: Arazelly Guevara

Women of the Night
Sub Rosa Album Cover
(listen here)